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Night Driving: Are you overdriving your headlights?

When we are driving at night, we don’t have the benefit of the sun illuminating our way. We do have headlights but this video will show you that under many conditions your headlights will not help you see obstacles soon enough to let you avoid them.   Read More



Collision Reconstruction on Bridge using Faro Laser Scanner


A recent collision on a bridge involved a truck-tractor-trailer combination and a sedan. Since the collision occurred with both vehicles on the centerline, the question arose: Who crossed over first? Read More


Driving Advice for Your Holiday Travels


With the holidays rapidly approaching, more and more people will be out on the roads and highways trying to get to their destinations quickly. These are words of advice from a fellow who has 17 years of collision reconstruction experience and more than 1,000,000 miles of personal driving experience. Read More

Crash Data Retrieval hardware for connecting ACM to a computer.

Black Box Privacy: Is Big Brother tracking your driving habits?


Typical Airbag Control Module (ACM). These are mounted in out of the way and hard to get to locations like under a seat or under the console.

This is an Airbag Control Module (ACM). These devices have recently been the subject of television news stories in both local and national outlets. What has brought attention to them is a recent “discovery” that most of them have a “Black Box” feature that records some data about what was happening to and in your car in the event of a crash. The focus of these television segments seems to be a question of ownership of the data stored in the Black Box, i.e., who owns the data and how that data can be used, or worse, misused.
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Models Illustrate Vehicle Crash Sequence


Vehicle reconstruction is the scientific process of examining physical evidence, the sequence of events and eyewitness reports to determine the cause and contributing factors of a collision. The rigorous evaluation uses physics and engineering to determine with scientific certainty what role — if any — a driver, passenger, roadway, environment or circumstance had in an accident. In some cases, reconstruction verifies a hypothesis or witness account.
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