Roofing claims and losses for commercial buildings can prove challenging. Commercial buildings often contain tenants whose interest, in addition to the owners, must be taken into consideration by the adjuster to resolve a claim.

Commercial buildings are designed and built differently than residential buildings with different types of roof systems and configurations being used. The biggest difference is the pitch of the roof. Generally, a commercial building has a flat roof or one with very little slope. The lack of slope results in the use of different materials and different methods of installation. The flatness of these roofs may result in greater damage when water leakage occurs and makes locating leaks and water intrusion sources critically important. Metal roofing systems, built-up roofing systems, and single ply systems are the typical types of roofs involved in our investigations.

Our licensed engineers investigate and evaluate roofing claims and losses by assessing code compliance; design, construction and installation; the quality and condition of roofing materials; and maintenance.

We inspect and perform research as part of our engineering analysis to determine the cause of roofing losses. Often it is requested that we provide an evaluation of the scope of damage and an estimate to repair.