Flooded: South Carolina businesses begin road to recovery



Expertise Includes:

    • Construction Falls & Incidents
    • Premises Liability - Pedestrian Falls
    • Safety & Risk Management
    • Codes & Standards Analysis
    • Slip, Trip, and Fall

The recent record rain fall in South Carolina is estimated to have caused over a billion dollars of damage to homes, business and infrastructure. Damage assessments of structures, machinery and equipment are underway. While much is damaged beyond repair, a lot can be salvaged with proper timely attention.

Attached are some tips and guidelines for Flood Damaged Machinery Analysis, Repair and Cleaning that might be of interest to you if you have claims as a result of the recent floods in South Carolina.


Flood Damaged Machinery Analysis and Repair
Machinery and Equipment Damage Appraisal Guideline No. 200

Flood Damaged Machinery Analysis and Repair (Part 2)
Machinery and Equipment Damage Appraisal Guideline No. 300


The Warren Group has electrical, mechanical and structural engineers available to work losses, if you need help.



We are able to conduct Scope of Damage, Estimates of Repair, Repair Design Evaluations and Codes and Standards Evaluations. We also have capacity to assist with many other needs.



J. Steven Hunt, CPCU, ARM, is president and senior safety consultant at Warren. Steve, who specializes in premises liability incidents, construction falls and safety management programs, has achieved the designation of Associate Risk Management and Chartered Property and Liability Underwriter from Insurance Institute of America, Chicago, IL. Steve has investigated more than 1,000 accidents in his more than 38-year career, including 35 cases involving fatalities. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Administrative Management with a Minor in Occupational Safety and Health from Clemson University.

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