Warren Welcomes Fire Protection Engineer Amy Anderson, P.E.


Please join us in welcoming Fire Protection Engineer Amy Anderson, P.E., to the WARREN family! Amy has over 20 years of property loss prevention engineering and experience, specializing in fire protection. Amy graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Chemical Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer in Fire Protection.

Amy’s Expertise Includes:
-Fire Protection Systems
-Fire Suppression Systems
-Codes & Standards Analysis
-Commercial Kitchen Fires
-Combustible Dust Explosion Analysis
-Fire & Explosions Analysis: Origin & Cause
-Industrial Process Hazards
-Scope of Damage/Cost of Repair

Amy has an extensive engineering background with experience evaluating a variety of buildings and occupancies, and advising clients on the prevention of property and business loss. While specialized in the evaluation of diverse chemical facilities, Amy is equally confident in textile plants, plastic production plants, warehouses, metal working facilities, commercial kitchens, offices and hospitals.

Amy regularly investigates property damage claims involving fire protection systems and their possible failures. She consults with representatives of property owners, fire protection system installers, and fire protection inspection and service companies. Amy also evaluates system failures in dust collectors and other dust handling equipment that result in fires, explosions, or deflagrations.

Amy has in-depth knowledge of many fire protection codes and standards including NFPA, ICC, and FM Global. She is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, National Association of Fire Investigators, National Fire Protection Association, and the Society of Fire Protection Engineers.

She has over 20 years of applied engineering experience. Within that arena of experience, she is highly qualified in areas of Fire Protection and Suppression Systems, Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, and Combustible Dust Hazards Evaluation.

With the addition of Amy, WARREN broadens its pool of talent in the engineering and consulting fields to include:

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Structural Engineering
Fire Protection Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Collision Reconstruction
Safety Consulting

If we can help you or your team in any way, please let us know.

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