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A view of the primary air inlet on one brand of firelog.

Firelog Maintenance: Tips to Keep Your Home Soot Free


If you have ever experienced it, you know that sooting from a fireplace can cause unsightly damage throughout a home. In some cases, sooting from gas firelogs is caused by improper placement of the logs, such that flame impinges on the artificial log. When heated, the “log” will give off soot, so placement of the logs is important. Some manufacturers provide locating pins for the logs to rest on, so that proper placement is easier to achieve. Read More

A view of a pipe elbow that cracked after being exposed to sub-freezing conditions.

Freeze Damage to Fire Sprinkler Systems


The ongoing frigid temperatures serve as a reminder of the many investigations by Warren engineers involving fire sprinkler systems that have failed when some part of the system was exposed to the sub-freezing conditions. Interestingly, failures do not necessarily occur within the area of greatest freeze exposure, as the failure mechanism is the extreme pressure that results from the growth of an ice plug inside the exposed pipe in which the high pressure will rupture the weakest component which may even be located in a heated area of the sprinkler system. Read More

The pipe thinned and ballooned before finally rupturing.

Installation can compromise PVC pipe


PVC pipe is a durable material used in many construction and renovation applications. Despite its widespread use, problems can arise when manufacturer installation guidelines are not followed. This is especially true in applications that involve gluing joints or, using the more technical term, solvent welding. Read More

The explosion caused considerable damaged to the home.

Explosion Investigations Uncover Answers


The cause of an explosion can result from a chain of events in some cases. In many residential explosions and resulting fires, the facts can point to a number of potential causes. Certified fire and explosion investigators, like Warren engineers and technicians, have the experience and training to uncover and evaluate scenarios with high degrees of certainty. In some cases, like one residential explosion I investigated, the chain of events can start days before the loss.
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A view of the core drill with vacuum base.

Concrete Core Drill – Reducing Hazard Exposure by Design


The safety hierarchy is a well-established principle among safety professionals. It’s a reliable and widely accepted method to minimize or eliminate exposure to hazards in products and workplaces.
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