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  1. In Cahoots – Interconnections of Fire Protection Systems with Ancillary Equipment

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    Fire protection is an expanse that I am both fascinated by and passionate about. To prove it, I could show you my sprinkler collection… the old ones, the new ones, the sizes, the features!  But instead, I will share some information to show you the relationship between fire protection systems and other systems that you may have never thought about!

    Fire protection, suppression, and alarm systems often do not act alone. They can be in cahoots with life safety systems or other equipment or building systems to mitigate fires and help firefighters. Many, but not all, of these functions are associated with fire alarm systems. Many, but not all, of these functions are customary and expected. Some of these functions will automatically reset when the alarm or system is reset, but not all! (more…)

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