Construction Defects

Construction-related defects and allegations can be expensive, significant matters. Even worse, they also have the potential to endanger property owners, employees and customers. They can also threaten the long-term use and operations of a facility.

Our engineers and investigators have extensive experience that ranges from industrial design and construction to job site supervision and contracts. We can evaluate a building, site or process for proper design, material capability, suitable workmanship and other concerns. Our engineers also evaluate construction contracts to determine contractual obligations between a general contractor, subcontractors, developer, owners and end users.

In addition to inspecting, documenting and analyzing a defect or loss, we uncover the cause or causes of the matter, carefully analyze applicable codes and standards, perform failure analyses and determine responsibility. Our engineers can determine the scope of damage, and provide an estimate to repair or replace the damaged building, and any machinery or equipment involved, should some or all of the reported deficiencies be found to have merit.