Workers’ Compensation

Personal injuries happen in the workplace. When an injury occurs, forensic engineers and consultants are often asked to analyze the causes to determine if a condition of defect in a machine or workplace contributed to the incident. Perhaps a condition of defect exists or a negligent third party caused the injury. If so, a worker’s compensation subrogation claim may be pursued.

Our engineers and consultants investigate commercial, industrial, and construction personal injury and workers’ compensation claims. Our experts have vast knowledge and experience in mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering, machine design and safety, human factors, and safe workplace practices. We maintain an extensive library of historical codes, standards, and safety literature to provide a solid basis for our opinions regarding the causes of an injury.

With licensed professional engineers and consultants, we bring a high level of expertise and experience to subrogation cases.  Frequently called to serve as expert witnesses, our engineers and consultants are known for their ability to accurately and concisely explain the unique factors of an injury or loss to an insurance adjuster, attorney, or jury in an easy-to-understand manner.