LP and Natural Gas

Liquefied petroleum (LP) gas and natural gas are convenient fuels used in a wide range of applications from consumer gas grills to fueling large manufacturing processes. While typically used safely, they can present the potential for devastating fires and explosions when things go wrong.

Our NAFI-certified fire and explosion investigators (CFEI) are acknowledged experts in investigation of LP and natural gas fires and explosions. Our engineers investigate the design, manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of LP and natural gas equipment. Our experience includes industrial and residential equipment such as furnaces, stoves, fryers, ovens, swimming pool heaters, boilers, gas grills, forklifts, recreational vehicle refrigerator units, torch operations, gas delivery systems, regulators, valves and other equipment.

Our engineers are frequently called to serve as expert witnesses. Known for their ability to accurately and concisely explain losses or injuries, they communicate in an easy to understand manner whether speaking to insurance adjusters, attorneys or juries.