The interaction between vehicles and motorcycles in a complex roadway environment comes with unique visual challenges such as the conspicuity of the rider and saliency of the motorcycle.  In addition to the visual challenges, the causal failure of the crash can be the motorcycle itself such as mechanical defects, design issues and maintenance.  Vehicles endure many dynamic road forces including driving over potholes, reactionary veering, or sudden braking.   Those physical forces are further complicated when going from a more protected four wheeled vehicle to a two or even three wheeled motorcycle.

Our accident reconstructionist and human factors consultant thoroughly understand motorcycle design, use, maintenance, operation, and interaction with the rider. Through their expertise, we can uncover the facts of a motorcycle-related incident including whether it was the result of human perceptual limitations, design or manufacturing problems, maintenance issues, or mechanical failure.  Our consultants are trained to assess each unique incident to determine the causal factors.