Residential fires cause not only significant financial loss, but are often emotionally traumatic for homeowners. Treasured possessions and even loved family members are lost in residential fires. Investigating these fires can determine the causes of the fire and help prevent their reoccurrence.

Our fire and explosion investigators have investigated hundreds of structural fires in residences, apartment buildings, manufactured homes, hotels and nursing homes. Our certified fire and explosion investigators (CFEI) by the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI) conduct investigations in accordance with NFPA 921 Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations to insure a scientifically rigorous and court approved methodology.

Our engineers and fire investigators can determine the origin and cause of the fire and analyze the factors responsible for the spread of the fire and for the extent of the loss. We respond to the fire scene quickly and provide prompt feedback to our clients on the status of our investigation and our findings. Additionally, all engineers are licensed by state engineering licensing boards as professional engineers (PE).