Dust Explosions

Combustible and accumulated dust or particulate solids can go unnoticed and lead to deadly workplace hazards. Combustible dusts can accumulate for years until a fire or explosion occurs, often with catastrophic results. Understanding the mechanisms of dust fires and explosions and the practices to prevent them can be complex.

Our investigators and engineers are certified fire and explosion investigators (CFEI) by the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI). They have investigated explosion incidents in locations that include chemical, industrial, manufacturing and concrete plants as well as in silos, breweries, furnaces, printing presses and dust collection systems. Using the latest edition of NFPA 921 — Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations, they systematically analyze an explosion scene to determine the origin, identify the fuel and ignition source, determine the factors that caused the fuel and ignition source to come in contact, and help establish responsibility for the incident.

In addition to being nationally certified, our investigators are known for bringing a high degree of expertise and experience to investigations, reports and courtroom appearances. They are often called to provide analysis and expert testimony on the unique factors of an incident as well as communicate them to insurance adjusters, attorneys, or juries in an easy-to-understand manner.