Large trucks and trucking vehicles are a complex mix of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems. When these large machines and their drivers are involved in an incident, it takes an expert to understand all the causes of what happened as well as the factors that may have contributed to the loss.

Our truck and heavy machinery experts have in-depth knowledge of truck dynamics and components, including air brakes, as well as the safety codes and regulations in place to ensure safe truck operation. We also understand how factors such as highway design, roadway condition, and driver skill and behavior are crucial to discovering the cause of any truck-related incident.

We bring a full range of investigative and analytical services to bear, from complex crash reconstruction to developing demonstrative evidence for court testimony. In fact, our engineers and collision reconstructionists are frequently called to serve as expert witnesses because of their ability to accurately and concisely explain the facts of an incident to an insurance adjuster, attorney, or jury in an uncomplicated, easy-to-understand manner.