The science of forensics is clear – every cause leaves a trace.

Each artifact is a layer of truth within any failure or loss. Our strength is delivering those facts with sound reason and unmistakable clarity.

Uncovering origin, cause, responsibility and cost of personal injury and property damage claims for insurance companies and attorneys.


Destruction arrives in many forms. Our engineers and consultants have the unique expertise, extensive education and practical skill to get to the origin of any incident — quickly and thoroughly.

  • Individual and Multiparty Loss Scene
  • Data Documentation
  • Witness Interviews
  • Evidence Measurements, Photography and Videography
  • Arc Mapping

Individual and Multiparty Laboratory Examinations

Understanding the cause of a loss or injury takes careful study of every trace, fact and theory. We work hard to thoroughly uncover the facts of every case with scientific precision.

  • Nondestructive and destructive examinations
  • Measurement
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • X-ray
  • Disassembly
  • Cleaning
  • Microscopy


Confident opinions are borne of detailed research. Our engineers and consultants work from a vast library of current and historical data related to codes, standards, regulations and safety literature of machinery, equipment and structures.

  • Codes
  • Standards
  • Regulations
  • Contracts
  • Standards of Care
  • Safety Literature
  • Product Literature
  • Manuals
  • State of the Art
  • State of the Industry
  • Means to Expedite Repair


Developing the clearest understanding of a loss may call for advanced testing. When a case demands, we design experiments, build test equipment, develop protocols and run tests to prove or disprove a hypothesis.

  • Protocol Development
  • Exemplar Comparison to Actual
  • Experimental Testing Equipment Design
  • Testing Equipment Fabrication
  • Data Acquisition


Supported by details and data, our engineers translate available facts into a logical explanation of what happened. A seasoned forensic expert working within a specialized area of expertise develops each analysis.

  • Test Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Analytical Calculations
  • Incident Reconstruction
  • Design Analysis
  • Safety Program Analysis
  • Maintenance Practice Analysis
  • Instructions and Warnings


Delivering facts and opinions clearly in the desired format is as important as getting to the truth. After a primary verbal report, we plan and prepare thorough reports complete with background and related details.

  • Verbal
  • Fact and Opinion Summaries
  • Letter Type
  • Detailed Technical Report
  • Federal Court Report

Expert Testimony

We’re proud of our reputation. We’re also mindful of the many important decisions based on our conclusions. Our integrity is on the line whether the task is preparing a verbal or written report or testifying in a deposition or trial.

  • Exhibit Preparation
  • Deposition Testimony
  • Trial Testimony
  • Mediation Presentations
  • Arbitration Presentations

Desk Review

Unsure of a case’s subrogation potential? Need an expert opinion? Desk reviews deliver preliminary findings from experienced engineering professionals without the need for a full investigation.


  • Experienced Engineering Opinion
  • Uncover Conditions of Defect
  • Identify Causes and Contributions
  • Verbal or Written Findings