Boilers and Pressure Vessels

Incidents related to a ship’s machinery can lead to a range of problems from damage to the equipment to business interruption losses. What’s more, investigations of this complex equipment can be further complicated by an intricate system of piping, valves, fittings and pressure regulating equipment. Equipment can become damaged when shipboard, in transit, or during maintenance work.

Our engineers are experienced investigators of shipboard boilers and pressure vessels as well as the control and safety systems that ensure their safe use. They draw from extensive experience and knowledge of equipment including boilers, steam generators, turbines, propulsion equipment, rotating equipment, cooling systems and desalination equipment. We can determine the cause of machinery and equipment incidents, the scope and extent of damage, and the proper repair methods for the damaged equipment.

In addition, our investigators and engineers are well known expert witnesses. They are widely regarded for their ability to accurately and concisely explain the unique factors of an incident to an insurance adjuster, attorney or jury in an easy-to-understand manner.