Boilers and Pressure Vessels

Industries use boilers and pressure vessels in many shapes and sizes. Whether a small hot water unit or a massive power utility boiler, the principle is the same — water or fluid heated under pressure. If a failure occurs in the process or the vessel itself, the results can be catastrophic.

Our mechanical, chemical and electrical engineers have experience investigating boiler and pressure vessel explosions and pressure excursions as well as their auxiliary controls, equipment and safety systems. Their expertise spans feed pumps, valves, pipes, tanks, fans, blowers, ductwork, deaerators and fuel handling equipment that supply and support the vessels.

Our engineers can inspect, document and analyze an incident and, further, have the expertise to uncover the cause, and whether operating conditions, maintenance, fabrication or materials had a role in an incident or loss. We can also determine the scope of damage, and provide an estimate to repair or replace the damaged building, machinery or equipment.