Machinery and Equipment

If land-based or shipboard machinery or equipment fails, the results can impact everything from the machinery or equipment itself to personnel safety and business operations. A trained forensic investigator can evaluate an incident to learn how it happened and how it can be prevented from occurring again in the future.

Our mechanical investigators are licensed professional engineers with years of experience in inspecting and testing machinery and equipment. Our expertise includes boilers, steam generators, turbines, engines, propulsion equipment, rotating equipment, cooling systems, desalination equipment, and cranes and other lifting equipment. We can determine the cause of an incident, the scope and extent of damage, and the proper repair method for any damaged equipment. Further, we can assess the scope of damage, establish safety of future use, provide appraisals, and determine if equipment defect or design was a factor.

After initial inspection, our engineering team can prepare estimates of the cost to repair or replace machinery and equipment, and establish the repair or replacement schedule. While failures and losses in complex mechanical systems and equipment cannot necessarily be made simple, we work hard to make the facts easy to understand.