Cargo Damage Assessment

Whether by ships, barges, trucks or trains, incredible amounts of cargo are in transit near all of us. Despite all efforts to prevent them, accidents that damage cargo happen continuously. An engineering investigation can determine the cause, responsibility and extent of a loss involving cargo damage.

Our engineers and investigators have expertise in determining the cause, nature, scope and value of cargo loss due to dropping, fire damage, water contamination, inadequate blocking and bracing as well as many other factors. Our engineers are experienced in many industries and are familiar with a wide variety of unique machinery and equipment. They are often called on to determine whether machinery or equipment is repairable, damaged beyond reasonable repair efforts, or is only superficially damaged.

When our engineers are called to serve as expert witnesses they are a reliable resource for providing accurate, easy-to-understand explanations as to the unique factors of an incident to an insurance adjuster, attorney or jury.