Water Damage

Water damage claims arise from exterior sources sometimes called water intrusion and from interior sources such as piping, hoses and appliances. Often, the insured cannot determine the source or cause because it may be hidden behind a wall or not easily accessible such as from a rooftop.

When the envelope of a residence is compromised by water intrusion, the effects may prove to be destructive and costly. Due to the unique need for quick response time on residential losses, we make efficient and effective resolution a top priority. Our engineers investigate incidents involving wind-driven rain, wet crawlspaces, exterior leaks in and around roof coverings, penetrations, and windows and doors. Our engineers evaluate the location and condition of flashings and sealants to find where water is entering a residence. We have experience analyzing wall systems containing masonry, EIFS, stucco and all types of siding.

Interior water leaks involving appliances and plumbing can result from installation errors, defective products or improper maintenance. Our engineers can locate the source of the leak and determine the cause.

With deep understanding of construction processes and trades, our engineers are keenly familiar with standard procedures and codes related to water damage losses. In diagnosing problems, we utilize tools such as infrared imaging and moisture meters to determine the extent of damage with every effort made to minimize destructive evaluations. When destructive means are necessary to uncover the source of a leak we are equipped to do so as least invasively as possible.