Workplace Injuries

Workplace mishaps often result in personal injuries and worker’s compensation claims. Analysis of appropriate preventive measures can be conducted through forensic investigation and analysis.

Our consultants can investigate commercial, industrial and construction personal injury and worker’s compensation claims to determine the cause of the injury or loss of life. We carefully analyze the facts of the incident to determine if conditions of defect in machinery, equipment, or the premises, in addition to examining the influence of training, policy compliance, impairment, and additional elements of human behavior are contributing causes of the incident. We additionally analyze whether proper application of Process Safety Management (e.g. Lockout/tagout) policies took place. Our depth of knowledge includes accepted practices as well as empirical data, applicable codes, and standards.

Frequently called to serve as expert witnesses, our engineers and consultants are known for their ability to accurately and concisely explain the unique factors of an injury or loss to an insurance adjuster, attorney, or jury in an easy-to-understand manner.