Cranes, Hoists, Lifting and Rigging

Cranes, hoists, lifting and rigging equipment are common in many industries including construction, port operations and material shipment. While generally not observed by the casual passerby, they can lead to property damage or personal injury. Those incidents, while rare, can damage equipment, cause costly work stoppages or damage a company’s reputation.

Our crane experts are registered professional engineers with extensive education, experience, and training in the design, operation, installation and certification of cranes, hoists, and rigging across many industries. We call on their entire body of knowledge to determine the cause of incidents as well as to assess the scope of damage and cost to repair damaged hoists and cranes. We can determine if property damage or personal injury can be attributed to deficiencies in meeting the design, equipment standards, and regulations regarding the equipment, its operation, and personnel training.

When our engineers are called to serve as expert witnesses they are a reliable resource for providing accurate, easy-to-understand explanations as to the unique factors of an incident to an insurance adjuster, attorney or jury.