The damages from hurricane devastation frequently reach into the billions of dollars. The naturally occurring weather force, which is a tropical storm with sustained 74-mile-per-hour winds or greater, is a damaging mix of violent wind and heavy rainfall that’s also regularly accompanied by dangerous storm surge flooding, tornadoes and hail.

Warren’s licensed professionals are highly skilled in determining a hurricane’s effect on a building’s envelope, structure and foundation systems. We deliver cause and origin assessments, re-occupancy analysis, as well as isolate wind versus rising water and storm surge damage. Our teams have on-the-ground experience in six major events with a vast array of damages including hurricanes Hugo, Wilma, Katrina, Ike, Irene and Superstorm Sandy.

In addition to assessing simple beam stability, foundation settlement or scouring, and structure joint failure, investigators can isolate if losses are the result of a particular hurricane, a previous event, or deferred maintenance. Our engineering team can also isolate and investigate operational damages such as assessment and repair of commercial and industrial production equipment to ensure safe reuse after a weather-related event.

Our investigation experience includes commercial, residential and industrial facilities plus unique components including marine; airports; public water and sewer utilities; cranes; elevators; HVAC; and more.