Bulk Material Handling

Bulk material handling operations are present in most places where loose unpackaged commodities are shipped, stored or transferred between modes of transportation. Losses can result in damage to both the material and the handling equipment, which includes ship, barge, rail car, and trailer loaders and unloaders, silos, bucket elevators, conveyors, augers, weighing systems and environmental controls. These losses are often further complicated by costly business interruptions.

Our licensed engineers and investigators are experienced in bulk material handling operations and losses involving those operations, which include fires, dust explosions, personal injuries, environmental spills, structural failures and broken machinery. They are skilled in identifying the cause of these losses, determining the scope of damage, and analyzing appropriate preventive measures to prevent recurrence of a loss. Our engineers are also familiar with the government regulations and industry standards regarding bulk material handling operations and equipment.

Frequently called to serve as expert witnesses, our engineers and investigators are known for their ability to accurately and concisely report and explain the unique factors of an injury or loss. Their easy-to-understand manner applies to any audience whether insurance adjuster, attorney or jury.