Whether small residential hot water units or massive power utility boilers, the working principle of a boiler is the same: safely heating fluid under pressure. That simple principle, in practice, can become very complex to achieve. When things go wrong, the results can be catastrophic.

Our engineers have experience investigating boiler and pressure vessel fires and explosions and the control and safety systems that ensure their safe use. They draw from extensive experience and knowledge of boilers, combustion controls, electrical, chemical and mechanical systems, and auxiliary equipment including feed pumps, fuel handling systems, power piping systems, tanks, fans and deaerators.

Our licensed professional engineers are also certified fire and explosion investigators (CFEI) by the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI). Our engineers are frequently called to serve as expert witnesses because they are known for their ability to accurately and concisely explain losses or injuries to insurance adjusters, attorneys or juries in an easy-to-understand manner.