Residential structures have become increasingly complex in recent years due to changes in design, materials and construction techniques. They’re also affected by other factors including environmental exposure, the surrounding property or site, and how the structure itself is used. In the event of a failure, discovering the origin of a loss may require a detailed analysis.

Our engineers are skilled in the design and inspection of residential structural systems including foundations, walls, floors, ceilings, roofs and framing as well as the materials used in those structures. We can determine if a structural failure has occurred due to factors such as design, construction defects or misuse.

Deep knowledge and understanding of how structural systems function and interact allow us to inspect, analyze and perform research to determine the cause of the loss, to provide a scope of damage for the structural elements and to evaluate the overall condition of the structure. Further, we provide construction cost opinions for insurance claims and construction defect litigation and perform more specialized estimating services including maintenance funding plans and betterment analysis.