Hail Storm

Each year thousands of violent storms batter the United States. Some produce hailstones ranging from small pea-sized chips to large baseball-like chunks that pelt and damage homes, businesses, vehicles and crops. It’s a weather phenomenon that can happen anywhere or anytime.

Warren’s architectural and engineering experts can determine if hail or storm-related water intrusion was the cause of damages to a building envelope including components such as the roof, flashing, exterior wall finishes, windows or doors. We inspect roofing, electrical systems, as well as mechanical or production equipment to determine the scope of damage, or estimate repair or replacement cost to return to service. Investigators can also isolate if claimed damage is the result of a particular storm event, a previous weather event, or deferred maintenance.

Our investigation experience includes commercial, residential and industrial facilities plus unique components including marine; airports; public water and sewer utilities; cranes; elevators; HVAC; and, more.