Cranes, Hoists, Lifting and Rigging

Cranes, hoists, lifting and rigging equipment are heavily used in construction, cargo handling, and marine operations and projects. With such widespread use, this type of equipment has been involved in many property damage and personal injury incidents.

Our crane experts are registered professional engineers with extensive education, experience, and training in the use of cranes, hoists, and rigging in many environments. Their knowledge of the equipment’s design, operation, installation and certification helps determine the cause of an incident as well as assessment of the scope of damage and cost to repair damaged equipment. Our engineers are well versed in the government regulations, industry standards, and manufacturer’s requirements for cranes, hoists and rigging.

Our engineers are well known for being reliable, experienced expert witnesses. They can provide accurate, easy-to-understand explanations as to the unique factors of an incident to an insurance adjuster, attorney or jury.