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  1. How Long Before The Pipes Freeze?

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    The unusually severe 2014 winter in the eastern United States has reminded many people and businesses that when water in a pipe freezes, the ice will expand and burst the pipe or pipe fitting.  Large losses will result from flooding when the temperatures rise.  Insulation will help, but not prevent freezing.  Insulation simply slows down the rate of heat loss.  The time of exposure to subfreezing temperature is an important factor. (more…)

  2. Hand and Finger Injuries from a Defective Snow Blower

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    Nearly everyone who lives in a snowy climate would agree that a gas powered snow blower beats a person powered snow shovel for clearing the sidewalk or driveway.  Shoveling heavy, wet snow causes injuries from back problems to heart attacks.  No wonder that gas powered snow blowers of all sizes are a popular item this time of year.  The larger ones may be ride-on types; smaller ones are typically walk-behind.  In either case there is an auger to gather the snow as the device moves forward and a bladed fan (or “blower”) to discharge it out of a chute to one side or the other.  (more…)

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