Why Warren?


Expertise Includes:

    • Machine Design & Safeguarding
    • Machinery & Equipment Analysis
    • Products Liability
    • Risk Assessment

WARREN’S new brand identity and communications tools have been designed to more clearly convey that which sets our firm apart: the proven ability of our engineers to deliver the truth — be it origin, cause, responsibility or cost of an event or claim — with unmistakable clarity. Our job is to bring the facts to you, and it starts with our ability to give you the information you’re looking for about our firm.

The new web site is designed to connect you quickly and easily to the types of losses and injuries in which we have a high degree of expertise, and the engineers who apply that scientific knowledge to investigations. At the same time, we’ve developed a suite of other communications tools to share in-depth industry news and intelligence.

We hope you’ll take a moment to subscribe to one of more of these new communications tools and provide us with ongoing feedback. With your input, we can ensure we’re sharing the right kind of information, delivered in the right way, to make your casework successful.

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