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Water Damage from Leaking Shower Stalls

Have you ever had to have a leaking shower pan for a tiled shower stall replaced, only to have a recurrence a few years later? If so, it is likely that it was not properly built and/or repaired. In most installations, the shower stall is constructed with an underlying one-piece flexible membrane of PVC that is attached to the wall studs before the backer board and wall tile is installed. No nails or screws should penetrate the membrane below the level of the curb of the shower stall. The only opening in the membrane below the curb must be the hole for the shower drain to connect to the house plumbing. The shower drain is designed to allow water on top of the membrane to flow into the drain via weep holes for that purpose. Read More



Graphitic Corrosion – Difficult to determine before a failure!


Graphitic corrosion is a process that may happen in equipment made of iron, particularly grey cast iron, but also ductile cast iron. Graphitic corrosion can lead to unexpected catastrophic failure of the affected part because the cast iron can lose its strength without a visible warning such as a change in size, shape, or appearance. Read More


Flood Damage to Electrical Equipment


As a result of the recent weather, those of us in South Carolina have gained a renewed appreciation of the damage that can result from flooding. Even a few inches of flood water can result in property damage and a loss of services in addition to the immediate risk of physical harm. Read More


Flooded: South Carolina businesses begin road to recovery

The recent record rain fall in South Carolina is estimated to have caused over a billion dollars of damage to homes, business and infrastructure. Damage assessments of structures, machinery and equipment are underway. While much is damaged beyond repair, a lot can be salvaged with proper timely attention. Read More

Roof drain with membrane installed in opening.

Water Intrusion/Moisture Issues – Finding the Source and Location


What you see is not always what you get.  This commonality exists in the numerous cases I have investigated for water intrusion and moisture issues in buildings.  The source that appears most obvious and straightforward may not, in fact, be the root of the problem at all. Read More

A view of flood related damage to a crawlspace caused by hydrostatic forces.

Are You Prepared to Adjust a River Flood?


While working numerous Hurricane Sandy Flood Loss Claims in New York and New Jersey, I met many homeowners who didn’t understand the coverage limitations of their FEMA flood policy.  They were shocked, even mad, when they discovered some damages were not covered by the flood policy.  It pays to be prepared, courteous, kind, and tactful in responding to those adversely affected by any flood related event.
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Warren Welcomes Allan A. Abbata, P.E. Civil/Structural Engineer

Warren is pleased to announce the addition of Allan A. Abbata, P.E. Senior Consulting Engineer in Columbia, South Carolina.
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