Warren Adds Another Dimension of Engineering


Expertise Includes:

    • Aerial Work Platforms
    • Cranes & RIgging
    • Failure Analysis
    • Fires & Explosions
    • Heavy Machinery
    • HVAC Systems
    • Machinery Damage & Assessment

We at Warren are pleased to announce our recent purchase of a Faro Focus X 330 three dimensional scanner with FARO Scene image processing software. The scanner takes up to 976,000 data points per second and can scan objects at distances to 1000 feet.  The scanner forms a point cloud of millions of data points while also capturing 360 degree panoramic photographs.  By combining a series of scans, a three dimensional representation can be created that enables precise measurements, animations, and demonstrations. The scanner can capture imagery indoors, outdoors, and even in darkness.

Figure 1: A Faro 3D scanner.

Figure 1: A Faro 3D scanner.

The highly detailed 3D scans created by the Faro scanner provide the opportunity to capture measurements that are impractical to make by conventional means. For example, in a recent roof collapse case, Warren engineers were able to document and accurately measure the dimensions of the hazardous collapsed section that could not be walked on or directly measured. Analysis of the captured scans can reveal details like elevation changes that may be useful in water runoff cases or the height of various structures that are difficult or dangerous to climb such as a crane that has malfunctioned or a tower that is unstable.

Figure 2: A 3D scan of the interior of a football stadium.

Figure 2: A 3D scan of the interior of a football stadium.

Our Faro scanner can be used to capture the geometry of a vehicle accident scene, and to measure a damaged vehicle as a prerequisite to crush analysis. The scanner can document the presence, location, and size of machine guards. The scanner automatically captures images of everything within its 360-degree field of view, which can be useful for illustrating a fire’s origin or in documenting the scope of a loss.

Our Scene processing software is capable of generating detailed, high-impact visual demonstrations including animated “flythrough” video, 360-degree panoramic photography, commentary, dimensional information, and measurement capabilities. A detailed visual demonstration can be a powerful tool in determining whether subrogation potential exists or in reaching a settlement to an ongoing case.

John Phillips, PE, senior consulting engineer at Warren, has more than 30 years of crane and heavy equipment experience and more than 19 years of experience in forensic engineering.    A licensed professional engineer in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana and Ohio, he’s NCEES registered both as a model engineer and with The United States Council for International Engineering Practice, USCIEP. John has designed crane systems, supervised installation, tested and certified lifting equipment even serving as a project engineer for maintenance and certification of nuclear weapon lifting and handling systems. John is a certified fire and explosion investigator and fire and explosion investigator instructor by the National Association of Fire Investigators. John is a member of the American Society of Materials and American Society of Testing and Materials, as well as a voting member of ASTM Ships & Marine Forensic Sciences, Forensic Engineering, and Performance of Buildings committees.

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