Warren’s Product Failure Evaluation & Laboratory


Many losses stem from a failure of a household appliance (i.e. dishwasher, water heater), plumbing component (supply lines and fittings), or HVAC system.  For over 25 years, Warren experts have utilized their diverse and highly specialized education, training and experience to investigate these types of losses.

Warren conducts product failure investigations at our laboratory, where we evaluate and test items sent to us from across the United States. All testing and reporting is done by experienced and licensed professional engineers.  We have the facilities to provide for examinations ranging from a non-destructive examination of a single component to large multiple-party destructive examinations of complex systems. When needed, we provide a written protocol for complex or destructive examinations.

Our engineers have access to examination rooms with water, compressed air, single and three phase electrical power, propane, and natural gas supplies for product testing. An exhaust hood allows for indoor combustion testing. A wide variety of mechanical and electrical test and measuring equipment are maintained onsite for this testing, including a stereo microscope, borescopes, a thermal imaging camera, micrometers, calipers, power sources, electrical meters, and data recorders. Xray services are available when needed.

The WARREN research library

Warren maintains a large library of current and historical product standards, codes, and texts to support our product evaluations.  We have memberships in professional societies that develop standards, which allow us access to standards as well as input on new and revised standard development. Our engineers research past failures and recalls involving a product as well as consumer complaints. When beneficial, we obtain exemplars of a failed product for evaluation and testing.

Warren will notify you in writing when an item being sent to us for evaluation is received at our facility. Within 2 weeks of receipt of the incident appliance or part, you will receive a verbal report of the evaluation results. This is followed by a written report when requested, complete with background and related details.

We store your evidence onsite at our secure facility until you request the return or disposal of the evidence.  Our evidence storage building is climate controlled.  We have an evidence storage technician who ensures evidence is properly documented when received, is tagged and logged into our system, placed into storage, and returned or destroyed following our evaluation.

For more information concerning our laboratory services, please go to our website’s Services and Facilities page: https://www.warrenforensics.com/our-facilities/

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